Are You Longing For The Relationship You Know You Deserve? 

.....and ready to learn how to make it a REALITY?
Isn't it time to stop struggling to meet the LOVE you deserve?
To figure out what you want in a partner and go out there and GET IT? To keep the past in the past and build healthy new relationships? 

It's time for you to discover how to create a vision of what you want in a relationship, and avoid drama. 

Life Coach, Dr. Patricia Shaw, will show you how to break toxic relationship patterns, move forward with confidence, and create your very own highly-effective relationship vision with a proven step-by-step formula!
If you’re tired of drama, conflict, and disappointment and ready for real, true love and a deep, fulfilling relationship, then it's time for you to turn your love around so you'll be in position when your Mr. Right calls!
I'm Shipping Your Personal Copy of This Book FREE When You Buy The 'Relationship Blueprint For Wounded Hearts' Master Class 
Turn Your Love Around
A Relationship Blueprint For Wounded Hearts
Inside this FREE book you'll discover:
  • How to deal with the different emotional stages many single women go through while in their waiting season and how to effectively prepare your heart to receive the love of a lifetime!
  • The seven specific areas of your body you should cover in prayer while you are in your waiting season to help you guard your heart until Mr. Right for you comes along!
  • ​What goes on in the classroom of life and the seven ways to position yourself to be found based on a technique I created using an acronym for the word WEDDING!
  • And so much more.....
PLUS This Explosive Training Uncovers:
 Why not knowing what you want puts you in danger of choosing the wrong person as a partner.
 The four P's that ignite your relationship vision and how to use them to activate your vision so you can manifest what you desire in your relationship.
 How your belief about Soulmates establishes patterns of behavior in your relationships.

 The biology of infatuation and how to distinguish between the 'in-love' feeling and being in-love.  
 The role of past relationships and how they affect your current and future relationships.
 The power in a non-negotiable list how to write it, refine it so it works, and then, use it to build your dating confidence. 
Discover How To.....
  • ​Confront the pain of your past relationships and disappointment
  • ​Shift your relationship through the power of forgiveness and find healing for past hurts
  • ​Make conscious choices about who you share your vulnerability with 
  • ​ Develop a deep love of yourself before diving into a romantic relationship
  • ​And so much more.....
Virtual Video Course With Our Expert
I'm giving you the easy to duplicate recipe for relationship success that includes over four hours of video training. 
You will get the tools, tips, and tricks to succeed mightily in your relationship. I give you a 1-2-3 you can copy to get THE LOVE YOU WANT in 2019.
Get the knowledge you need to free yourself from emotionally draining relationships and embrace a healthier and happier future easier than you could ever imagine. 
Get instant access to the training videos along with the digital workbook with more than 40 pages of relative content to help you succeed in your relationship along with self-reflection exercises to help you move forward and get the relationship you deserve.
Lifetime access to this training that you can view at anytime and anywhere.
Yours Today For A One Time Payment of $17
Physical books ship on 7/18/19
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Dr. Patricia Shaw, Master Relationship Coach

I am a wife of 30 years to my best friend, Pastor Michael Shaw, and we are the parents of two children.  I hold a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy from CICA International University, I am a licensed Chaplain, and a Certified Professional Life & Relationship Coach specializing in Vision Clarity, Confidence Boosting, and Relationship Enrichment.
Dear Wife-In-Waiting,
One thing I’m certain is you want to succeed in your relationship and you are ready to do the work necessary to bring your relationship dreams to life.
  • I understand how it feels to desire to have a great relationship but for one reason or another you keep attracting marriage-blinded men instead of marriage-minded men and you give up hope of ever meeting your soulmate.
  • I understand how it feels to know what you want but be unsure of how to start or even where to start so you tuck the dream of meeting Mr. Right away because you keep meeting Mr. Right Now and it seems like your waiting is in vain. 
  •  I understand how it feels to even want the knowledge and wisdom from someone who is already where you desire to be in your relationship but you are not in a position to spend thousands of dollars on hours and hours of training that might not fit your situation.
  • I understand how it feels to believe you deserve God's best but fear gets in the way of your faith and doubt sets in and you lose hope of ever meeting that special someone.
Yes, I've been where you are and I know how you feel but that's all about to change.  When you join me in this 6-part video training you are learning from an industry expert and I'm giving you worthwhile and usable tips to help you navigate through your relationship with style, skill, and support that will take you further than you ever imagined.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is There A Particular Audience This Course Is Geared Toward?
This class is geared toward those who want to discover more about the growth of relationships and how to move into a healthy long-term relationship.
This will assist people who wonder why they choose the wrong person and help them learn how to make choices that better suit them.

What If I Am Unhappy With The Training?
Our downloadable online courses are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances.
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