Here what my clients say.....

“It is finished. I passed. I thank God for connecting us and I will be forever grateful.  My main purpose for seeking out life coaching was to get over my fears and applying the tools you provided, I conquered my fears and I’m on my way to my destiny!”


Coaching Client

“Since working with Patricia, the biggest challenge I noticed was in my mindset. My thinking took a huge turn. I went from thinking I don’t know if it will happen to adding it to my vision board.  I’m sharing with others how I thought about what I wanted to do and never second-guessed myself.”


Coaching Client

“Although challenging, this year has proven to be one of the best yet! Patricia’s coaching skills has been very substantial to my growth throughout this year, and I’m sure they will be to my future endeavors as well.  Extending my coaching sessions are a MUST! I am extremely grateful for all that she had done to help make me better!”


Coaching Client

“My eyes are open to the fact that I used to attract narcassist men because I was very dependent and that’s all I knew, but since working with Patricia I see things clearly. What I didn’t like and want in a relationship I put up with it, but now I’m learning to love myself and become more confident in who I am.”


Coaching Client

“Since working with Patrica I’ve learned how to handle things differently.  Instead of holding and harboring my feelings for months, I’m learning to let go.  In the past I would shut down and go into isolation.”


Coaching Client

“You have no idea how grateful I am to have you as my life coach.  I feel so empowered after our sessions and I know without a doubt I will conquer ever battle.  This is truly a God connection to propel me into my destiny. I love you and appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.” 


Coaching Client

“I used to get frustrated just hearing his voice and talking to him.  Even though I knew the conversation was gonna go left.  I still had to have the last say.  Before, I would go back and forth with him, get upset and frustrated but now, I don’t let his negativity feed my spirit. I’ve learned to control the conversation. I know my limit.


Coaching Client

“Since coaching with Patricia my confidence has evolved a lot.”


Coaching Client

“Patricia removed road blocks in my vision and gave me tools to move forward.”


Coaching Client

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