Dr. Shaw was AWESOME! She Spoke recently at our Yong Lady YOU Have Purpose workshop.  She posed the question of how well do we know ourselves and explained how it is important for us to know and value oursevles.  She encouraged us to get to know who we really are outside of being a mother, wife, or any other hat we may wear.  She was able to relate her presentation to reach each age group leaving no one out.  She was also able to keep us interested and our attention from the beginning to the end.  I will highly recommend Dr. Shaw for any motivational speaking you may have.  I was truly blessed!

Lashunda Slater

Founder, Lashunda Slater Ministries

“Mrs. Shaw, thank you for taking time to come out and speak to all of us. We were very moved by your words…clap, clap, bounce, bounce!:) Yes, our girls are very vocal. They loved your presentation and how engaging you were. Your encouraging words mean a lot to me.”
Stacey K. Grant

Director, Our Girls Rock Too

 The conference was so informative and encouraging.  The women left excited because they know who they are as a child of the highest God.  Also, they learned how labels can get in the way such as:  people pleasing, self-worth, covered up with nice clothes, labeled as children and friends.  We can say that the labels are going because we left them at the conference.  Nothing will hold us back from serving and doing what God has called us to do for His Glory.  The question was posed, where you think your labels come from:  society, home, community and what others think about you.

 Thank you Lady Patricia Shaw for an awesome word from God; I would recommend this woman of God for hurting women and women who do not know who they are, bad relationships and living with labels.  Continue to allow God to use you for His Glory.

Rella Joseph

Community District Women's Conference

Closing out the event was the hostess and event organizer, Patricia Shaw, and let me tell you, when Patricia speaks the whole room listens  Her energetic and passion-filled delivery of the Soul of a Woman based on her book, Soul Ties, is a soul-filled message that every young woman needs to hear. With zeal and a bit of humor, Patricia reminded us to BREATHE!”
Mia Williams

Blogger, Peace-Grace-Love

The Soul of a Woman Workshop

“Life is a journey and the more knowledge, understanding and freedom we walk in the easier the process to continue on the journey. God has allowed this mighty woman to be used greatly for the kingdom and to help set the captives free. We need more women to be vulnerable and share their stories. We all have what someone else needs Patricia Shaw is a prime example of what sharing your testimony can do and give women back their power the enemy has tried to steal from them. Thank you for allowing God to use you and work through you.”

Debbie Welch

The Soul of a Woman Workshop

 Hi Patricia,  I attended this awesome event last month in Dallas and purchased your book, Soul Ties, Unchain My Heart.  Just wanted to let you know that I finished the book and I absolutely loved it!!! I could barely put the book down and it just fed my soul and I needed to hear/read every word on the pages.  Thank you for blessings us with this gift!

Yvette Redmond

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