Gain Freedom From Your Past And Move Forward With Less Effort And More Ease Than You Ever Have In Your Life

Have you ever met a man and felt like he was the one? I mean, he did everything right?

Returned phone calls, showed up on time, replied to text messages and even called you for no reason at all?

So here you go, investing time with him, spending money on him, getting emotionally tied to him, and then the unthinkable happens. Something you vowed would never happen again after what’s his face and just like a song playing on the radio, oops there goes your shirt up over your head and just like that you commit to him physically hoping he feels about you the way you feel about him, but in the days to come the situation turns grim.

Now you’re wondering, how did I let this happen? How did I let him in? Now comes the emotions of self-doubt and you start thinking you’re not good enough and wondering if you’ll ever get it right.


  • When you’ve been with a man that didn’t treat you right, but for some reason you kept going back to him regardless of what he did?

  •  To wonder why you can’t stop thinking about him, even after all the lies, the cheating, and everything else?

  •  To keep allowing him to come in and out of your life even after he’s done you wrong?

  •  To want to break free of the thoughts of him that are plaguing you, but don’t know how?

  • But that’s all about to change because you’re exactly why I created this thought-provoking training to help women who identify with who I used to be discover who they are! (read my bio)


“I don’t get you” because I used to be you and you can’t say “it worked for her but it won’t work for me” because remember, I used to be you and then you can’t even ask “how do I know this will work” because, once again, I used to be you, but look at me NOW!

Married to the man of my dreams and living life supreme. I mean, I really am, just ask my friends.

But I’m not selfish. I want you to experience the kind of life you can have when you are clear about what you want, confident in who you are and committed to living true to your values.

But that only happens when you’re ready to do the work. You can’t get the results I gained until you’ve done the work I did that caused me to get the love I desired and live the life I deserved.


“I had a conversation with the guy who was my soul tie and when he questioned me about things we no longer did, he asked why do I deprive myself.  He asked me who I was and I told him I’m different now.  He couldn’t believe it and I told him I dug deep into my soul and didn’t like what I saw, so now I write it all away, all the things I shouldn’t be thinking I write them all away.  He said it was deep.  Every time I have those thoughts again it motivates me to write about it and expose the enemy, that’s deep and that’s what is healing me.  Patricia, because of your training, I’m spiritually stronger and I don’t know where I would be had we not connected and not had your words of wisdom and helping me challenge myself.  Thank you so much.”


  • Bruised by a strained relationship?

  •  Bitter from past failures?

  •  Tired of making the wrong choices in dating relationships

  •  Ready to meet a man that will not play on your heart strings? 

  •  Ready to experience God’s best for your life?

  •  Ready for true and lasting change?


Join me and my guest in a heart-riveting Masterclass where we share startling information that no one tells you about toxic relationships and why it’s so hard to move on after the thrill is gone.

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