Soul Ties Unchained
Let's Talk About The Issue.....
Have you ever met a man and felt like he was the one? I mean, he did everything right. Returned phone calls, showed up on time, replied to text messages and even called you for no reason at all? 
So here you go, investing time with him, spending money on him, getting emotionally tied to him, and then the unthinkable happens. Something you vowed would never happen again after what’s his face and just like a song playing on the radio, oops there goes your shirt up over your head and just like that you commit to him physically hoping he feels about you the way you feel about him, but in the days to come the situation turns grim. 
Now you’re wondering, how did I let this happen? How did I let him in? 
Now comes the emotions of self-doubt and you start thinking you’re not good enough and wondering if you’ll ever get it right, but guess what????

  •  When you've been with a man that didn't treat you right, but for some reason you keep going back to him regardless of what he did?
  •  To wonder why you can't stop thinking about him, even after all the lies, the cheating, and everything else?
  •  To keep allowing him to come in and out of your life even after he's done you wrong?  
  •  To want to break free of the thoughts of him that are plaguing you, but don't know how?
But that’s all about to change because you’re exactly why I created this thought-provoking training to help women who identify with who I used to be discover how to move on from a past relationship and get the same kind of love they give.

“I don’t get you” because I used to be you and you can’t say “it worked for you but it won’t work for me” because remember, I used to be you and then you can’t even ask “how do I know this will work” because, once again, I used to be you, but look at me NOW!

Married to the man of my dreams and living life supreme. I mean, I really am, just ask my friends.
But I’m not selfish. I want you to experience the kind of life you can have when you are clear about what you want, confident in who you are and committed to living true to your values.
But that only happens when you’re ready to do the work. 
You can’t get the results I gained until you’ve done the work I did that caused me to get the love I desired and live the life I deserved.I want to show you what's possible when you're ready to turn your love around, like I showed my client Mara who said, 
  •  Bruised by a strained relationship? 
  •  Bitter from past failures? 
  •  Tired of making the wrong choices in dating relationships 
  •  Ready to experience God's best for your life
  •  Ready for true and lasting change? 
  •   Ready to gain freedom from your past and move on 
I've been using the seven steps in this guided journal to help the women I coach move on from toxic and broken relationships, past hurts, and a negative self-image by getting clear about what they want, gain the confidence they need to receive it, while staying committed to living true to who they are and now, you can get your own copy of this reflective journal.
  • Face your fears by confronting your past
  •  Reveal what's going on to prevent it from happening again
  •  Show yourself some compassion by embracing your past
  •  Destroy conflict by overcoming negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  •  Accept yourself by opening your heart to forgiveness
  •  Move forward with a proven seven step strategy 
  •  And so much more.....
Unlock the Benefits of The 7 Proven Steps Found Inside This Guided Journal!
What’s stopping you from moving on? 
Often, it’s inner conflict; a struggle in your thoughts that keep you from believing you can have what you truly desire. Many times we are comfortable where we are, even though we are not satisfied. When you are in tune with your spirit, your eyes become open and your awareness of what you truly want in a relationship is heightened.  
Inside This Guided Journal I Reveal.....
  • How to identify unhealthy signals that are missed early in relationship stages
  •  How to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships 
  •  How to release negative emotions that keep you from walking in your purpose  
  •  How to develop the art of self-forgiveness so you can move forward in faith and let go of fear
  •  How to execute strategies to free you from emotional chains that hold you hostage to your past
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I'm Ready To Move On!
Get The 'Soul Ties Unchained' Bundle
This guided journal will help you understand how to easily and effortlessly release negative emotions, set healthy boundaries that make you feel good about who you are without feeling obligated and pressured by others to start where you are and create the life you desire and ultimately get in position to attract the love you deserve.
Here's what's included in this bundle:
  •    FREEDOM, a 50 page, 8.5 x 11 guided journal, designed specifically to help you let go of a negative self-image, face your fears, and move on from past hurts 
  •  Therapeutic journal pages with reflective questions to help you find solutions to difficult situations.
  •  BONUS BOOK: Soul Ties, Unchain My Heart, a 335 page paperback book
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What My Clients Say.....

"I'm learning to love myself and love who I AM.....

"Since working with Patricia, I've learned to identify if his behavior is not what I want but what I used to put up with in the past but now I won't. My eyes are opened to the fact I used to attract narcissist men becuase I was very dependent and that's all I knew. but since working with Patricia and completing the assignments she gave me I see things clearly. What I didn't like and want in a relationship I put up with it, but now, I'm learning to love myself and love who I AM." Sarah F.

"The I Am statements you had me complete are forever changing me...

"I still remember some of the activities you had me complete. I don't only feel like a new woman in Christ, I know I AM a new woman in Christ. The I Am statements you had me complete are forever changing me. I have finally gotten to the place where no one else's opinion matters but Christ. when others speak ill of me, I say thank you Jesus because he loves and forgives me and I forgive them." Starlette B

"I’ve learned the skills to handle the bumps better....

"My vision is more active now. The lessons I learned when the enemy challenged me helped me recognize I came out from what the enemy was doing with a stronger mental attitude, stronger in my convictions to my goals and vision and more faith. I think it’s because I have a plan now and it’s not only in my head it’s a written plan. The bumps in the road are not going to deter me. Satan, you can knock on my door, but you cannot come live in my house! I’ve learned the skills to handle the bumps better. I didn’t allow myself to get stuck, I kept moving forward and getting back out there and doing it for the glory of God and recognizing when I do it for his glory, he’s in control of it and it takes the pressure off of me." Tricia R.

My confidence has evolved a lot....

“Since coaching with Patricia, my confidence level has evolved a lot . I used to feel really bad about doing things for myself that needed to be done and super guilty, but NOW I release those feelings. I used to consider everybody’s feelings but my own and I get it now. I must be true to myself before I can be true to anyone else." Crystal S
  •  How to identify unhealthy signals that are missed early in relationship stages
  •  How to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships 
  •  How to execute strategies which attract a healthy relationship
  •  How to develop the art of self-forgiveness 
  •  And so much more.....
What Readers Say.....

"I recommend this book for every woman.....

“I really loved the book! It is very inspiring and uplifting. Mrs. Shaw, teaches those of us who have not yet found a lasting, real love what to do when you feel like your Soul is Tied. She suggests we learn from our failed relationships. She interprets these as lessons sent to us by God to help us grow and move closer to real love. According to her, real love actually involves feeling self-love (as we actually are), feeling real love towards all others, and feeling and accepting God's unconditional love for us. The reality on how we as women will stay in toxic situationships, and don't have self respect. The book was an eye opener to how my life reflects the book. I recommend this book to everyone woman.”  Kandy P.

"The author is a gifted and anointed writer that does an excellent job....

“Which would you prefer? Straw, stick or brick? You must read Soul Ties to find out. Soul Ties was the realest and most relatable book that I have read in a very long time. This book is a page turner, I read the entire book in just a couple of hours. The author is a gifted and anointed writer that does an excellent job with bringing real life situations with biblical scriptures together. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and I reminisced. As a woman growing up in a Pentecostal household; I could totally relate with the main character. A smart, bright and intelligent young woman falling prey to the temptations of the devil and letting the wrong man whisper in her left ear. This book will have you on the edge of you seat. Just when you think she has secured her happily ever after the devil rears its ugly head. The author leaves you wanting more and more.” Seburnia T.

" I thought the first one was good BUT this one had me crying.....

“So I'm reading when death comes...OH MY GOSH!!!! I thought the first one was good BUT this one had me crying and just in awe...Your husband reminds me of Jesus and the way he must feel when we keep going back to sinning with these men...well just sin period how he is loving us and showing us nothing but love yet we go right back to our sinful ways... not willingly at least for most of us...but is definitely shows the craftiness of the devil and how important it is to keep our mates and ourselves in constant prayer and to make sure that we both have a intimate relationship with God that is the only way we have enough power and strength to combat the devil and his plot to take us down. The rape took me somewhere that I can't even felt like it happened to me I was so devastated by that.... Anyway I just purchased it this morning and I am already half way through." Shamika M.

"Your books have changed my life.....

“Having read both of Patricia Shaw's books Soul Ties Unchain My Heart and When Death Comes, they have changed my life. You must read both books to get the full impact of what she is sharing. Patricia was so raw and open with her life story holding back nothing, helping allow the reader to dig deep into her own life to start the healing process of understanding soul ties, ungodly and unhealthy relationships in their own lives. Life is a journey and the more knowledge, understanding and freedom we walk in the easier the process to continue on the journey. God has allowed this mighty woman to be used greatly for the kingdom and to help set the captives free. We need more woman to be vulnerable and share their stories. We all have what someone else needs Patricia Shaw is a prime example of what sharing your testimony can do and give woman back their power the enemy has tried to steal from them. Thank you for allowing God to use you and work through you.. Paula M.

"Once I started, I could not put it down!.....

“Once I started, I could not put it down! I read it from the beginning to the end. I know that a lot of women will relate with Teresa’s story. Everything that glitters, is not gold. Patricia Shaw captures the message of the importance of knowing your self-worth in the natural and spiritual sense. The author does a wonderful job of “keeping it real” and showing that even though Teresa loves the Lord, she still allowed her flesh to take over. God gave her the desires of her heart, but will she receive it? I can't wait for the sequel!”  LaTacia T.
What Social Media Says.....
About Dr. Patricia Shaw
Dr. Patricia Shaw, is a highly sought-after advocate for women, who speaks to the soul of a woman from her own personal struggles with low self-esteem, people pleasing, and not making herself a priority for His glory and Your Inspiration.
She delivers an in-your-face message to women who are burned out and overwhelmed, struggling to move forward in life and love. She inspires them with her compelling message to live confident in who they are, become clear about what they want, and stay committed until they get it.
Patricia’s heart’s desire is to lead women to the very heart of God so that they can possess God’s promises and accomplish great things! Her willingness to be transparent in her testimony of conquering her own personal struggles has caused hundreds of thousands to connect with her through social media.
As an author, Dr. Shaw writes books to disturb and dismantle limited beliefs that keep many women from living their best life. She helps them get clear about what they want, be confident they can have it, and stay committed until they get it.
As a speaker, Dr. Shaw shares her story to enlighten others that even though they may have made a wrong turn in life, regardless of their age, they have the potential to SOAR (Start Over Again Right) in life.
As a Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Shaw provides actionable tips, tools, and techniques her clients can use to up level their marriage, career, or dating relationship and watch it grow and glow.

Dr. Shaw addresses businesses, social groups, churches, women’s groups, nonprofit organizations and schools. Her philosophy is that God has a specific plan for each individual’s life and that they too can live their best life right now.
For more information about Dr. Patricia Shaw and Women of Excellence Outreach Services, Inc., please visit our website at
Frequently Asked Questions
"Is there a particular audience that this journal is geared toward?"
Having a great relationship takes working on oneself.  Using this guided journal, readers will learn how to let go of their past by answering the questions and completing the exercises focused on healing after a broken relationship.  
The information contained in this guided journal is helping my clients make better dating decisions and move on to get in position for a Godly marriage.
This journal was written for women of faith who want to rise above a negative situation and turn the pain they experienced from heartache  into power that serves a purpose.

"What if I am unhappy with the journal?"
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I want you to be fully satisfied with every physical item you purchase from If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return the item within 30 days from the order date for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling, The item must be returned, unused or used, in good condition, in original boxes (whenever possible), and with all paperwork and accessories to ensure full credit. 
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