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Have you ever been with a man that didn’t treat you right, but for some reason, you kept going back to him regardless of what he did?

As women, we often long for love from that special someone.  We hunger for a man to caress us after a trying day at work and we anticipate the warmth of his big bold hands, but what happens when his “I love you” turns into “it’s complicated?”

Teresa is like many women today, she longed for everlasting love, but temptation and fear refused to let love in.

Teresa wants what every red-blooded woman wants, but somewhere along her journey to finding love, she took a wrong turn – one that she will wrestle with at the expense of everything, including an opportunity for love everlasting.

Unable to pull herself from the grip a past love has on her, Teresa struggles to move forward with the good man God brought into her life. Despite how badly her ex treated her, she can’t help but be sucked into his alluring ways and playboy personality.

Can Teresa finally let go of her toxic past and embrace the man who has been patiently waiting in the wings for her

Don’t be left out, see what women all over the country are talking about. Get your copy of this “sit on the edge of your seat,” a page-turner that draws you into the on again off again relationship of Teresa, a woman caught up in a love triangle constantly being drawn back into the arms of a man that plays with her heart.

Will she ever get off the emotional rollercoaster she’s been on far too long with Eric and finally move on with the man who wants to give her what she’s been missing?


“Once I started, I could not put it down! I read it from the beginning to the end.   I know that a lot of women will relate to Teresa’s story.  Everything that glitters, is not gold.  Patricia Shaw captures the message of the importance of knowing your self-worth in the natural and spiritual sense.  The author does a wonderful job of “keeping it real” and showing that even though Teresa loves the Lord, she still allowed her flesh to take over.  God gave her the desires of her heart, but will she receive it? I can’t wait for the sequel!”


“I really loved the book!  It is very inspiring and uplifting.    Mrs. Shaw teaches those of us who have not yet found a lasting real love what to do when you feel like your Soul is Tied.   She suggests we learn from our failed relationships and interprets these as lessons sent to us by God to help us grow and move closer to real love.  According to her, real love actually involves feeling self-love (as we actually are), feeling real love towards all others, and feeling and accepting God’s unconditional love for us. The reality of how we as women will stay in toxic situationships, and don’t have self-respect.  The book was an eye-opener to how my life reflected the book. I recommend this book to every woman!”


“Soul Ties was the realest and most relatable book that I have read in a very long time. This book is a page-turner, I read the entire book in just a couple of hours. The author is a gifted and anointed writer that does an excellent job with bringing real-life situations with biblical scriptures together. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and I reminisced. As a woman growing up in a Pentecostal household; I could totally relate to the main character. A smart, bright and intelligent young woman falling prey to the temptations of the devil and letting the wrong man whisper in her left ear. This book will have you on the edge of your seat. Just when you think she has secured her happily ever after the devil rears its ugly head. The author leaves you wanting more and more.”


“For those who are considering reading this book…let me tell you it is AWESOME…usually it’s hard for me to stay focused so I’ll typically read a little do something else then come back to the book and repeat until I have read the entire thing BUT THIS BOOK…. when I tell you it was so good that I literally couldn’t put it down…I absolutely LOVED IT” but will she receive it? I can’t wait for the sequel!”


“This book is a must-read! I finished it in 6 hours with breaks in between. It left me empowered to makes the best choice God has for me by giving me steps to take to be delivered from a soul tie or avoid getting tied up. Patricia Shaw is a gifted writer grabbing your attention with her twist and turns one after another. You won’t be able to put this book down. This is a great book for young adults, seasoned women, married or single.”


Dr. Patricia Shaw, is a highly sought-after advocate for women, who speaks to the soul of a woman from her own personal struggles with low self-esteem, people pleasing, and not making herself a priority for His glory and Your Inspiration. 

She delivers an in-your-face message to women who are burned out and overwhelmed, struggling to move forward in life and love.  She inspires them with her compelling message to live confident in who they are, become clear about what they want, and stay committed until they get it.

Patricia’s heart’s desire is to lead women to the very heart of God so that they can possess God’s promises and accomplish great things!  Her willingness to be transparent in her testimony of conquering her own personal struggles has caused hundreds of thousands to connect with her through social media.  

Don’t Be Left Out, Get Your Copy Today!

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