By Dr. Patricia Shaw

Positioned for Purpose, When Boaz Calls

Self Help Book

This book reveals what happens in:

  • The War Room, and the 7 ways to cover yourself in prayer until he finds you.
  • The Waiting Room, and the 7 ways to prepare yourself before he comes along.
  • The Classroom, and the 7 ways to position yourself to be found based on a technique she created using an acronym for the WEDDING
  • The Wedding Chambers, and how to transition from Headship to Queenship and why it matters if you want a loving and lasting marriage.

Best Selling Author

Dr. Patricia Shaw

Dear sister, I moved forward after a broken relationship, and my heart was healed. During my period of singleness, I learned how to guard my heart so I wouldn’t keep falling for Mr. Right Now, and two years later, my husband came along. I won’t tell you it was easy, but I’ll tell you it was worth it! Here’s what I live by, and it hasn’t failed me to date. Never take advice from someone who isn’t getting the results you want to experience. If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, then it’s best to ignore the message.

I share my personal story to inspire others to move from a place of pain into a position to receive their promise. God has a plan for your life, but are you prepared to follow it?


Dr. Patricia Shaw is transforming hearts and souls with her well received and exciting new book, Positioned for Purpose, When Boaz Calls, helping women prepare for marriage so they can plan for a wedding.

– LilMissReader

What Readers Say

Positioned for Purpose, When Boaz Calls, is just the book that every wife in waiting should read before saying “I DO!” In this book the author covers 4 areas to focus on while waiting for your Boaz! I found the tools in this book to be extremely helpful & edifying to my spirit; the words & instructions seemed to have jumped right out of the book at me. There was a time that I thought that I had it all together & was ready to conquer the world (at the arms of my future husband), but after reading the instructions laid out by the author, I found that there was still work to do. I now know What to Pray about, How to Prepare for & Position myself to be found, & lastly, How to Transition from the now Head of my Household to the Queen of our Kingdom!!!

If you are anything like me (a wife in waiting), I would encourage you to pick up this book; it will bless you in ways that you would never imagined!


The author shares her experiences about when she first started allowing men into her life and how she accepted the wrong men and then God placed some connections in which allowed her to overcome her failed relationships and through her faith and God’s favor, receiving the love of her life who she is still with 29 years later. She shares principles she applied through out her marriage to keep if covered under God’s protection and knowledge on what to look for and not to look for as a wife in waiting. This book is a blessing. I pray that God also blesses me one day to receive the type of love she witnesses she has received in her life.


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