“Women who sleep with biceps and triceps every night don’t understand the struggle of a single woman. They want to tell you, ‘Be patient, he’s coming.’ My relationships were doomed from the beginning, but I kept trying to make them work, because I kept having birthdays, and each year I was single was another chance for some family member to say, ‘Girl, you ain’t married yet? What’s wrong with you?’ You try to hold on to hope and believe what they’re saying is true, but with each birthday, that sparkle of hope turns into a shimmer.”  Read my latest book Positioned for Purpose

These are words from one of my coaching clients—I’ll call her Margaret—who I helped through the pain she was dealing with. Now she walks in confidence, knowing who she is. After going through several of my coaching programs, Margaret learned how to face the fears of her past by embracing what she went through. Being able to identify the path that led her to the decisions she made allowed her to see the value in each and every obstacle she faced and conquered. Once Margaret was freed from the bondage that came with living in the past, her eyes were awakened to who she was becoming: the confident, clear, and committed woman she always wanted to be. Margaret is now engaged to be married to her soulmate.

There seems to be a heavy stigma against singleness, as if it’s a negative thing. But being single yet whole within is a true blessing. When you’re single, you can learn about yourself, strengthen your relationship with God, and become the mentally and emotionally complete person you should be before becoming one with the man God sends into your life.

Dear sister, I moved forward after a broken relationship, and my heart was healed. During my period of singleness, I learned how to guard my heart so I wouldn’t keep falling for Mr. Right Now, and two years later, my husband came along. I won’t tell you it was easy, but I’ll tell you it was worth it! Here’s what I live by, and it hasn’t failed me to date. Never take advice from someone who isn’t getting the results you want to experience. If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, then it’s best to ignore the message.

I share my personal story to inspire others to move from a place of pain into a position to receive their promise. God has a plan for your life, but are you prepared to follow it?

Stay with me this week as I dicuss Meghan Markle & 3 Things A Single Woman Can Learn From Her To Get Her Own Prince Charming.

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Patricia Shaw, The Soul Ties Coach

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