It’s time for you to walk in freedom so that you can SOAR in life. It’s time for you to heal from the wounds you’ve bandaged for years. It’s time to let go of that broken relationship and move forward. It’s time to see yourself as God sees you. It’s time to love yourself as God loves you.


Have a Successful Marriage in the Age of Divorce!

Would you like your spouse to cherish you? Chase you? Love you? Commit to you?

If so, this is the book for you!

When you download The 5 C’s of a Successful Relationship by Dr. Patricia Shaw, you’ll discover a road map for building and maintaining a great marriage. Patricia teaches you how to make your spouse feel uplifted, loved, needed, and important. With 29 years of marriage experience, she is the perfect person to help you succeed in your relationship!

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Patricia Shaw will take you by the hand and show you how to build a lasting relationship. She explains the 5 C’s of a Successful Relationship:

1.  Understand what a full Commitment means

2.  Communicate your feelings positively and clearly

3.  ”Chirp” your love and support for your spouse

4.  Coach your spouse through tough times

5.  3 steps to keep your Chemistry flowing

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