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Soul Ties, Unchain My Heart

She longed for everlasting love, but temptation and fear refused to let love in.

Teresa wants what every red-blooded woman wants, but somewhere along her journey to find love, she took a wrong turn – one that she will wrestle with at the expense of everything, including an opportunity for love everlasting.

Unable to pull herself from the grip a past love has on her, Teresa struggles to move forward with the good man God brought into her life. Despite how badly her ex treated her, she can’t help but be sucked into his alluring ways and playboy personality.

Can Teresa finally let go of her toxic past and embrace the man who has been so patiently waiting in the wings for her? Find out in this special edition of (Soul Ties, Unchain My Heart & When Death Comes)!

FREEDOM: 7 Steps to Moving Forward After A Broken Relationship

Have you ever been with a man that didn’t treat you right, but for some reason you kept going back to him regardless of what he did? As women we long for love from that special someone. We hunger for a man to caress us after a trying day at work and we anticipate the warmth of his big bold hands. But what happens when his “I love you” turns into “it’s complicated?”

 How do you let go of pain that has scarred the very depths of your soul?

How do you move forward after a broken relationship, and is it even possible?

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like this and you’re ready to get the answers so you can break free of the thoughts of a broken relationship, join me and my guest during this powerful, heart gripping conference as we share personal stories of overcoming pain. Gain relevant and proven strategies & the techniques I have used to help me gain the FREEDOM I needed so I could have the love I desired and deserved.

Positioned for Purpose, When Boaz Calls

Prepare for Marriage

Plan for a Wedding

Think about it: How prepared would you be for the most important part of your life if you took time to prepare for it before it happened? You would be ahead of the odds, which are not in your favor.

In this powerful yet practical book, bestselling author, speaker, and Life Coach Patricia Shaw relates how she moved forward after a broken relationship and got in position to receive the love she desired and deserved.

This book reveals what happens in:

  • The War Room, and the 7 ways to cover yourself in prayer until he finds you.
  • The Waiting Room, and the 7 ways to prepare yourself before he comes along.
  • The Classroom, and the 7 ways to position yourself to be found based on a technique she created using an acronym for the WEDDING
  • The Wedding Chambers, and how to transition from Headship to Queenship and why it matters if you want a loving and lasting marriage.

Use the tools in this book and be Positioned for Purpose, When Boaz Calls.

Positioned for Purpose: Study Guide

It’s easy to get distracted when you’ve been in waiting for what seems like a long time. When you’re distracted, instead of following God’s blueprint you take matters into your own hands and try and force a relationship. But when love is forced, it does not flow.

Do you want marriage and a family, but you’re tired of putting yourself out there and meeting the wrong man?

Are you tired of muddling through all the wrong guys you’re meeting on dating sites just to find out that he’s looking for a playmate and not a soulmate?

Do you feel like the dating rules have changed and nobody told you?

Hi, I’m Patricia Shaw, and years ago, I was like many women on the dating scene today, looking for love in all the wrong faces and places until one day I decided to seek the help of some women of faith I loved and trusted.

After being in an ungodly relationship which left me unsure of who I was and feeling like I didn’t deserve God’s best, their insight and training helped me get in position to receive the love I desired.

This study guide is jam packed with questions and action assignments to help you uncover hidden truths about how to get in position to receive the love you’ve been praying for and how to stay there until he comes.

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