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My Top 8 Confidence Building Strategies
From Certified Professional Relationship Coach, Amazon Best Selling Author, And Noted Speaker,
Dr. Patricia Shaw
(For women who want to be themselves around others)
This kit includes 8 strategies to increase your self-esteem, build your confidence, and live your life according to what’s important to you (not someone else)
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When Patricia speaks the whole room listens.... 

Closing out the event was Dr. Patricia Shaw, and let me tell you, when Patricia speaks the whole room listens. Her energetic and passion-filled delivery of a Soul of a Woman based on her book, Soul Ties is a soul-filled message that every young woman needs to hear: each time you sleep with someone it creates a soul-tie, forever linking you to that person. Patricia explained how those soul ties lead us to falsely believe that we cannot let that person go and how to use biblical principles to break those ties. With zeal and a bit of humor, Patricia reminded us to BREATHE! 

Mia W., Blogger (Peace-Grace-Love)
Use the eight strategies I share with you and see how you can take action each day to let go of your past missteps and move forward once and for all so you can show the world how it looks when you really accept yourself as you are.
Often, one reason why self-acceptance is so hard is that the most difficult person for us to forgive is usually ourselves. Regret, shame, and guilt prevent us from letting go of our past mistakes. Use the strategies in this guide to help you eliminate a negative self-image.
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Hi, I'm Dr. Patricia Shaw - Certified Professional Life & Relationship Coach and I help women get clear about what they want, gain the confidence they need to receive it, while staying committed to living true to their values.
Being in a relationship with the wrong man taught me how to NOT love myself. I felt undeserving of true love. I didn’t feel worthy, and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. After leaving that toxic dating relationship, I learned how to love myself for myself so I wouldn’t base my worth on the opinions of anyone BUT mine!  Once I learned how to truly love myself and stay committed to my values, a few years later my husband came along.

Today, I’m gifting you a copy off this life-changing empowerment kit with proven strategies to help you move on from your past, build your confidence, and discover the joy of loving who you are. 

This kit provides the wisdom, inspiration, and how-to-steps to effectively change your life.


I'm learning to love myself and love who I AM....

"Since working with Patricia, I've learned to identify if his behavior is not what I want but what I used to put up with in the past but now I won't.  My eyes are opened to the fact I used to attract narcissist men becuase I was very dependent and that's all I knew. but since working with Patricia and completing the assignments she gave me I see things clearly.  What I didn't like and want in a relationship I put up with it, but now, I'm learning to love myself and love who I AM." Sarah F.

The I Am statements you had me complete are forever changing me...

"I still remember some of the activities you had me complete. I don't only feel like a new woman in Christ, I know I AM a new woman in Christ. The I Am statements you had me complete are forever changing me. I have finally gotten to the place where no one else's opinion matters but Christ. when others speak ill of me, I say thank you Jesus because he loves and forgives me and I forgive them." Starlette B

 I’ve learned the skills to handle the bumps better....

"My vision is more active now. The lessons I learned when the enemy challenged me helped me recognize I came out from what the enemy was doing with a stronger mental attitude, stronger in my convictions to my goals and vision and more faith. I think it’s because I have a plan now and it’s not only in my head it’s a written plan. The bumps in the road are not going to deter me. Satan, you can knock on my door, but you cannot come live in my house! I’ve learned the skills to handle the bumps better. I didn’t allow myself to get stuck, I kept moving forward and getting back out there and doing it for the glory of God and recognizing when I do it for his glory, he’s in control of it and it takes the pressure off of me." Tricia R.

My confidence has evolved a lot....

“Since coaching with Patricia, my confidence level has evolved a lot . I used to feel really bad about doing things for myself that needed to be done and super guilty, but NOW I release those feelings. I used to consider everybody’s feelings but my own and I get it now. I must be true to myself before I can be true to anyone else." Crystal S
Experiencing the joy of loving who you are is only a click away... 
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