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How We Got Started

Is an organization set out in providing and equipping women especially those within the age of 16-40, with tools, tips and techniques to reach their ultimate potential in life while remaining true to who they are. The ideas and vision behind this organization were conceived by Dr. Patricia Shaw in the year 2015. The founder is an astute and sagacious coach, author and speaker, whose quest for the development of women world-wide knows no bound, due to her experience and her ability to fight through it, she is overly oriented in advocating for the need of women to eradicate beliefs that keep them living in financial, mental, and physical poverty.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster a positive journey toward self-actualization while providing an avenue for personal development, holistic reflection, life-defining,  and life-style altering opportunities for women and teenage girls.

At Women of Excellence, we‘re answering the call to help socially and economically disenfranchised women find their footing. Whether you need family mentoring, well-woman fitness, or financial education, we exist to make it happen. You deserve a life worth living. Find your footing on the path of least resistance by joining a virtual coaching program today.

Our Programs

As part of our mission statement, we seek to enlighten and educate women on sexuality, domestic violence, STD’s, self-esteem and other life-changing activities. This will in a great way influence their decisions, make them confident, be clear on their set goals and be committed to achieving them. 

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Family Matters

It’s time to break free from divorce and domestic violence issues. Are you ready to rise above the mayhem? Through a process of education, you’ll uncover how to create healthy relationships that last. Discover how critically important the beginning of your relationship is and how to set a positive dynamic right from the start. 

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Fitness Matters

Do you always feel sleepy, tired, or sluggish? It’s time to fight back against diseases that disproportionately affect women of color. At Women of Excellence, you’ll find a level of awareness that empowers you to get both physically and mentally fit. It’s about more than just diet and exercise, it’s your mindset.

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Finances Matter

Learn what they didn’t teach you in school. It’s time to equip yourself with the financial tools and intelligence to establish a financial freedom that lasts generations. Bring yourself out of poverty and into prosperity by getting a better understanding of how wealth is created, maintained, and transferred. It’s time to build a legacy.

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