Life is a journey that we all must take.  I myself have taken some roads that led me to a dead end; I had to back up and look for a better road to lead me to my destination.


It’s time for you to walk in freedom so that you can SOAR in life. It’s time for you to heal from the wounds you’ve bandaged for years. It’s time to let go of that broken relationship and move forward. It’s time to see yourself as God sees you. It’s time to love yourself as God loves you.


It’s time for you to live the life you desire, with the man you deserve so you can lead with excellence.  No worries, if you don’t know how to start or where to start, that’s why I’m here, to help you manifest your best life yet!

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Get ready to live the life you’ve dreamed of living for years while preparing for the love you deserve! Without breaking your budget, wasting precious time and energy, or losing your sanity trying to figure it.

Get Clear > Be Confident > Stay Committed


Enjoy heart-felt articles personally written by Dr. Patricia Shaw, The Soul Ties Coach 

A Professional Coach You Can Trust

Dr. Patricia Shaw, is a highly sought-after advocate for women, who speaks to the soul of a woman from her own personal struggles with low self-esteem, people pleasing, and not making herself a priority for His glory and Your Inspiration.

She delivers an in-your-face message to women who are burned out and overwhelmed, struggling to move forward in life and love.  She inspires them with her compelling message to live confident in who they are, become clear about what they want, and stay committed until they get it.

Patricia’s heart’s desire is to lead women to the very heart of God so that they can possess God’s promises and accomplish great things!  Her willingness to be transparent in her testimony of conquering her own personal struggles has caused hundreds of thousands to connect with her through social media.

“Since working with Patricia I’ve learned how to identify if his behavior is not what I want but what I used to put up with in the past but now I won’t.  My eyes are opened to the fact that I used to attract narcissist because I was very dependent and that’s all I knew.  But since working with Patrica and completing the assignments she gives me I see things clearly.  What I didn’t like and want in a relationship I put up with it, but now, I’m learning to love myself and become more confident in who I am.



“I used to take the stresses from work home and I unleashed on my family.  Since being in this class I no longer allow the effects of work to bother me.  Now, I’m there for my family in a loving way and there’s a difference in the atmosphere in my home.


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If you are ready to move to the next level in life and love, then connect with me and let’s make it happen!
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