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Question: Have you ever been with a man that didn’t treat you right, but for some reason, you kept going back to him regardless of what he did

Years ago, I was in a toxic relationship, what started out as a child-like love affair, turned out to be a spider web full of lies and deceit and I found myself entangled in his web of deceit so deeply that I didn’t know where or even how to break free.

I desperately wanted to be free of the thoughts of this man but didn’t know what to do.  I felt hopeless, embarrassed, and vulnerable and didn’t know why I couldn’t let go.

But one day I did and I vowed never to let another man use me like he did and I stayed true to myself until God sent my husband a few years later.

This wrong turn that I willfully took, caused me great pain and even though I took this wrong path in life; I didn’t stay on that path.  When I broke free of this toxic relationship, I learned how to get in position and receive the love I desired and deserved.

I share my story to help other women know that no matter what you’ve been through, God has a way of escape just for YOU!


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