Every day my email is bombarded from women who are in long-term relationships with men they consider friends with benefits.   I have worked with my fair share of women who have been in long-term relationships that ultimately failed.

We live in a society where many obsess with relationships and sex.  Some women are more concerned with their relationship status than they are the condition of their relationship.  I receive questions from men and women asking; how should dating work; how do I stop having sex with my baby’s daddy when I know I’m not the only one he’s with; how do I move on after a divorce; or my wife’s adult children are ruining our marriage, what can I do? 

I do believe in my heart there are women who yet want to please God in their relationships, but just don’t know how to do it on a practical level.  It is not enough for me to continue restating the issues many women face today regarding sexual morality as a believer or as a nonbeliever.  Neither is it enough for me to offer practical help on what I feel are the top reasons for relationship chaos such as commitment, communication, romance, and sexuality in relationships.  Practical help is helpful, but it can only take you so far.  If a person does not have character, integrity, or the right motives, the help they receive is offered in vain.

In the day and times we live in, with diseases on the rampage, wisdom is what is needed in relationships today.  As a Professional, I am first a baptized, born again believer who uses God’s word as my authority and then my formal education and training come second. 

Being married to my only husband for 28 years and counting, I have learned many things in these years which I have passed on to others who now are experiencing the love and happiness they desired.  One important lesson I’ve learned and would like to share with you today is, “Information without application equals destruction.”   Years ago I was in an ungodly relationship, but I took the information I was given, applied it to my situation, broke free and moved on.  

I’m mad at the enemy and what he is doing in many families across the country.  I keep stating there is power in the right connections.  If you want your relationship or marriage to work, you must be connected to someone with wisdom who will guide you when you get off track, someone with knowledge who can lead you back, and someone with compassion and understanding who will not judge you for whatever you’ve done.   

If you want to be in a healthy and loving relationship that leads to marriage, If you want your marriage to work, there are some things you can do to get what you desire and deserve.  Guess what? There is great news in the midst of all the confusion centered around dating, marriage, and sex.  It’s not hidden, it’s all in plain sight just for you and if you can believe it then you can receive it.   When you’re ready to get the love you desire and the life you deserve with the least resitance possible, seek God and then see me!

Patricia Shaw, Certified Professional Lifestyle Coach



She longed for everlasting love, but temptation and fear refused to let love in.

Teresa wants what every red-blooded woman wants, but somewhere along her journey to find love, she took a wrong turn – one that she will wrestle with at the expense of everything, including an opportunity for love everlasting.

Unable to pull herself from the grip a past love has on her, Teresa struggles to move forward with the good man God brought into her life. Despite how badly her ex treated her, she can’t help but be sucked into his alluring ways and playboy personality.

Can Teresa finally let go of her toxic past and embrace the man who has been so patiently waiting in the wings for her? Find out in this special edition of (Soul Ties, Unchain My Heart & When Death Comes)! 


Prepare for Marriage Plan Plan for a Wedding

Think about it: How prepared would you be for the most important part of your life if you took the time to prepare for it before it happened? You would be ahead of the odds, which are not in your favor. 

In this powerful yet practical book, bestselling author, speaker, and Life Coach Patricia Shaw relates how she moved forward after a broken relationship and got in position to receive the love she desired and deserved.

This book reveals what happens in:

  • The War Room, and the 7 ways to cover yourself in prayer until he finds you.
  • The Waiting Room, and the 7 ways to prepare yourself before he comes along.
  • The Classroom, and the 7 ways to position yourself to be found based on a technique she created using an acronym for the WEDDING
  • The Wedding Chambers, and how to transition from Headship to Queenship and why it matters if you want a loving and lasting marriage. 


This book provides the wisdom, inspiration, and how-to steps to effectively change your life.    

The first seven days we look outward at the Past. The experiences during childhood, youth, and in recent years from who we are. There may be painful memories that make you feel sad, unworthy, debilitated, or angry. Often the past is holding you down. I help you understand your feelings about the past in a way that gives you a new-found freedom to be your best. 

The next seven days we look inward at the Pain. Here you get powerful steps to deal skillfully with Pain. Every one of us has pain that limits our relationships, sabotages our happiness, and holds us back. You get the simple steps for understanding and solving the pain. 

The final seven days are the best. We look upward at the Promise. Now you get the keys to the treasure. In the previous days, we have worked to free you from past experience. Now it’s time to elevate you to the remarkable opportunities that await. 

The final seven days use an acronym I created for SUCCESS.  An innovative and easy to use system I refer to as the “Recipe for Self-Love.” 

Now you can be the inspiring woman filled with confidence, LOVES who she is, and is steamrolling toward any success she can imagine. 


As women, we long for love from that special someone.  We hunger for a man to caress us after a trying day at work and we anticipate the warmth of his big, bold hands.  But what happens when the love goes south?  How do we break free from a man that has held our love for years?  How do we let go of pain from the death of a loved one so intense it shatters our world? 

365 Days of Self Worth Praise is a 7-part series of poems written to build confidence in women, raise self-esteem, and bring awareness to issues women face in today’s society.  The poems in this book are so heart riveting they touch the very core of a woman’s soul causing her to unleash the power that lies within.  They illustrate the power of the confessions of a woman.  They are diverse, startling, and breath taking, to say the least. 

These poems ignite the soul of a woman, uncover the hurt of an aching heart, and empower women to live again.

This collection is a must read for every woman that loves a man.  A must read for every woman that felt the sting of death from the loss of a loved one.  A must read for every woman broken from the words of a love gone wrong.

365 Days of Self Worth Praise teaches the worth of women, reaches the heart, and most of all empower the soul of a woman.


I have come to learn in life there are three distinct characteristics of women.  One character is like that of a “Lazy Susan.” She is the woman who, regardless of the sound advice she receives, always goes back to doing what she wants to do; spin in the same circle. 

The second character is like the “Black Widow”, she has an hourglass shape, long sleek legs, with a venomous bite.  She attracts men because of her sexy shape and her beautiful face, but her insides are as venomous as the spider itself.  She has no self-control; she is defiant, loud, demanding, and the initiator of male attention.  She throws herself physically on men and consumes herself with the temporary values of life. 

The third character which few women can identify with is a rare commodity.  She does not live a life filled with Scandal, and to some that is scandalous.  Her morals do not reflect those in Pretty Little Liars because she believes there is nothing pretty about lying.  She does not watch One Life to Live because she realizes she only has one life to give.  She does not watch All My Children because she is too busy taking care of her own children.  A woman, cut from a pattern that is extremely rare in today’s society.  No, she is not Superwoman, Wonder woman, nor Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.   She is simply a “Woman of Excellence.“  One who spends more time in the good book than on Facebook.  She follows the Word and not the world.  There are many young men and women, boys and girls who are looking for women of excellence.

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