As a woman who has overcome many issues in life such as low self-esteem, learning how to wait after being in an ungodly relationship with my husband, I share my story of how I learned to love myself in spite of myself.  As a true conqueror, my heart’s desire is to lead women to the very heart of God so that they can possess God’s promises and accomplish great things! 

I’m transparent in my message of conquering my own personal struggles and this has caused thousands of women to connect with my ministry through social media.  Since starting Women of Excellence Outreach Ministry I’ve written and published six books all based on events from my life. 

Along with those books, I’ve created coaching guides and become a Certified Professional Life Coach helping women who struggle to move forward in life and love go from burnout and overwhelm to living a liberated life.  Overflowing with confidence, beaming with clarity, grounded in a commitment to who they are.

My goals are to foster courage in women who have suffered abuse in any form, be a voice for those dealing with low self-esteem, and empower those who struggle to move forward from a toxic relationship by championing them to step up and speak out. I reach women with the POWER (potential to see others wounded emotionally and reach them.) God has given me by equipping them to walk in freedom from their past.

I am the visionary creator of The Soul of a Woman Conference and Retreat. The signature workshops and seminars I’ve created are focused on inspiring women to conquer their fears and accomplish their goals so they can walk in their God-inspired purpose.

As a speaker, I address businesses and social groups, churches, women’s groups, colleges and universities as well as schools. My philosophy is that God has a specific plan for everyone’s life and everything we go through has a purpose and that’s to help someone else survive.

What Clients Say

“The conference was so informative and encouraging. The women left excited because they know who they are as a child of the highest God. Also, they learned how labels can get in the way such as people pleasing, self-worth, covered up with nice clothes, labeled as children and friends. We can say that the labels are going because we left them at the conference. Nothing will hold us back from serving and doing what God has called us to do for His Glory. The question was where do you think your labels come from society, home, community and what others think about you. ” Thank you, Patricia Shaw, for an awesome topic from God; I would recommend this woman of God for hurting women and women who do not know who they are, bad relationships and living with labels. Continue to allow God to use you for His Glory.” 

Rella Joseph

Community District Women's Conference 2017

“I once over thought everything and being in a marriage is not the place for that. I felt as though what happened in my past relationships could happen in my marriage. After being coached by Patricia Shaw I had a whole new outlook on things. No, not over night but with the constant coaching from her. She is awesome and completely understood how I felt. I’ve been married now over 2 years and I love everything about us and from only knowing each other for 3 weeks before he proposed. Patricia Shaw also brought to my attention that you will never stop learning each other in a relationship as we grow older the mindset does change. Thanks Patricia Shaw! No more overthinking this way.” Marilyn

SOAR Coaching Course

Radio Interviews


Are you tired of going around the same mountain year after year? Are you tired of seeing others living the life you dream of? Are you tired of dead-end jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck? Are you tired of struggling to lose weight year after year? Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions only to be wiped out physically, mentally, and emotionally by March?

Guess what, I’ve been where you are and I was told, you can’t lead people where you’ve never been, and that is true. I lived a life going around and around the same mountain. I lived from paycheck to paycheck and yes, I even struggled to lose weight for years only to fall off the band wagon. 

How did I get from there to where I am now?

I merged my biblical knowledge with my book knowledge, added my life experiences, and my life literally went from going around the mountain top to landing on Plymouth Rock. My life has gone from lows and highs, ups and downs, to a constant measure of success.

I gained practical knowledge and began forging it with my spiritual knowledge and before I knew it, my world was changing right before my very eyes. I started using the authority given to me by God along with the knowledge I received from years of marriage, going back and earning my degree along with the various training programs I went through to become a Certified Professional Life Coach.

I learned a secret, it wasn’t hidden from me, it was right there in plain sight.  Only I had not taken the time to open my eyes and see what was before me and now I travel the country sharing with those who attend the events I host about The Soul of a Woman and what makes us so unique.  My workshops are laser focused on teaching women how to tap into an unreserved reservoir of power and unleash the potential they’ve had all along so they can begin walking in their purpose.   

We are all here for a purpose and once you find out what your purpose is, there is no turning back!


Having read both of Patricia Shaw’s books Soul Ties Unchain My Heart and When Death Comes, they have changed my life. You must read both books to get the full impact of what she is sharing. Patricia was so raw and open with her life story holding back nothing, helping allow the reader to dig deep into her own life to start the healing process of understanding soul ties, ungodly and unhealthy relationships in their own lives.
Life is a journey and the more knowledge, understanding and freedom we walk in the easier the process to continue on the journey. God has allowed this mighty woman to be used greatly for the kingdom and to help set the captives free. We need more women to be vulnerable and share their stories. We all have what someone else needs Patricia Shaw is a prime example of what sharing your testimony can do and give women back their power the enemy has tried to steal from them. Thank you for allowing God to use you and work through you

Closing out the event was the hostess and event organizer, Patricia Shaw, and let me tell you, when Patricia speaks the whole rooms listens. Her energetic and passion-filled delivery of Soul of a Woman based on her book, Soul Ties is a soul-filled message that every young woman needs to hear: each time you sleep with someone it creates a soul-tie, forever linking you to that person. Patricia explained how those soul ties lead us to falsely believe that we cannot let that person go and how to use biblical principles to break those ties. With zeal and a bit of humor, Patricia reminded us to BREATHE!
I’ll say it again, if you missed the 2016 Women’s Symposium in Dallas YOU MISSED OUT! But you can catch the symposium in a city near you as Patricia takes her Women of Excellence Ministries to select cities around the U.S. Mia W

What Attendees Say 

I attended the event in Dallas and purchased your book Soul Ties, Unchain My Heart. Just wanted to let you know I finished the book and absolutely loved it. I could barely put the book down. It just fed my soul and I needed to hear/read every word on the pages. Excellence job, thank you for blessing us with this gift. Yvette R

I most appreciated the testimonies of the presenters. I was able to apply the information that was being given to real life examples. I love that both presenters were very open, transparent, and inviting. It created an environment of not feeling ashamed, but instead you felt comfortable enough to share your own story Sheria Q

With heads held high and the support of Mrs. Shaw many women were touched by the testimonies they shared. I was able to see from a different perspective that struggles make you stronger and with God, nothing is impossible. Jennifer L

Woman of God I am so glad HE allowed us to cross paths. You have truly been a blessing to me…I know I keep saying this but Thank you so very much. May God continue to do great things in and through you, May his FAVOR hunt you down and be ever present everywhere you go. May everything you try your hand to do prosper and be successful, May God continue to use your ministry to transform lives, bless others, break yolks and set the captives free….May you and your family be blessed today and always. Shamika A

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