“Almost made you love me, almost made you cry, almost made you happy, didn’t I, didn’t I.  I can’t keep on lovin you one foot outside the door, I hear a funny hesitation of a heart that’s never really sure. Can’t keep on tryin’ if your’e looking for more, than all that I could give you, than what you came here for.  Everybody knows almost doesn’t count.”  These are words from a song by vocalist Brandy Norwood from 1999.

How many women can say, she almost made a man love her? Millions.  I received an email from a young woman who had a child with a man and then he turned around and had a child with another woman and guess what? She had another child with this man a year later.  Do you think that made him love her? Of course, not.  Just like the words of this song.  Many women keep on trying when a man is looking for more than what she can offer him.  You may be putting it down in the bedroom, but, if you’re not what he’s looking for, as the song says, he will keep one foot out the door.

“I hear a funny hesitation of a heart that’s never really true” So many women allow a man to confuse them or should I say use them.  Your heart knows whether he is true to you or not.  If he tells you with his mouth, he loves you, but his actions show something different, that’s not love, its lust. 

As women, we long to be loved by a man and before we get to know his heart, we get to know his body parts.  Just like you get to know his body parts, he gets to know yours.  He knows your sweet spot, physically and sexually.  He knows that he can lie and manipulate you into thinking he loves you and often he will keep you hanging on the line until he’s done using you.

How do you stop believing his continual lies and manipulation after you’ve let down your guard? Is it even possible to stop letting him have his way with you when you’ve been his puppet for so long? Of course it’s possible, but it takes something many don’t want to do, and it’s something you can start doing today.

If you find yourself in a challenging relationship, please join me November 15-17.  I’m doing a 3-day book study focused on my book Soul Ties.  I’ll be sharing how I broke free from a toxic relationship and moved forward to get the love I desired.

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