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It’s time to UNLOCK your potential!

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with the current state of our lives. There are some things we enjoy and appreciate about our circumstances, but if we’re honest with ourselves, there are some things we want to change about them, too. But before you can get clear about how you might improve, you have to have a good sense of where you are right now to determine where you want to go and ultimately where you want to remain.

If you’re ready for a true transformation, look no further. It’s time to RELEASE your past so you can walk in your POTENTIAL!.


As a highly sought-after conference speaker, author and women’s advocate, I am thankful God can use my personal struggles with low self-esteem, people pleasing, and not making myself a priority for His glory and Your Inspiration. 

As a true conqueror, my heart’s desire is to lead women to the very heart of God so that they can possess God’s promises and accomplish great things! 

My willingness to be transparent in my testimony of conquering my own personal struggles has caused hundreds of thousands to connect with my ministry through social media. 


As an award nominated best-selling author of many books, I share my personal story of how I willfully took a wrong turn in life that caused me pain and even though I took this wrong path, I later learned how to get in position to receive the love I deserved and live the life I desired.

Here’s what I live by, and it hasn’t failed me to date. Never take advice from someone who isn’t getting the results you want to experience. If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, then it’s best to ignore the message.

  I share my personal story to inspire others to move from a place of pain into a position to receive their promise. God has a plan for your life, but are you prepared to follow it?

What People Are Saying

“Since coaching with Patricia, my confidence level has evolved a lot. I used to feel really bad about doing things for myself that needed to be done and super guilty, but NOW I release those feelings. I used to consider everybody’s feelings but my own and I get it now. I must be true to myself before I can be true to anyone else.”


FREEDOM Coaching Course

“Since working with Patricia, the biggest change I’ve noticed is in my mindset. My thinking took a huge turn. I went from thinking I don’t know if it will happen to adding it to my vision board. I’m sharing with others how I limited myself in areas. I thought about what I wanted to do with my business and never second guessed myself.”


SOAR Coaching Course

“Since working with Patricia, I’ve learned how to identify if his behavior is not what I want, but what I used to put up with in the past, but now I won’t. My eyes are opened to the fact I used to attract Narrcisst men because I was very dependent and that’s all I knew. But since working with Patricia and completing the action assignments she gave me, I see things clearly. What I didn’t like and want in a relationship I put up with, but now I’m learning to love myself and become more confident in who I AM”


FREEDOM Coaching Course


Positioned for Purpose

Who Am I? What’s wrong with me? Why Can’t I get a man? I’ve had depressing thoughts over this. Who Am I? I don’t know. But I’m nearing forty and I’m beginning to find myself in spite of myself. I was raised in a religious home groomed to be someone’s wife.  I was told...

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I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On!

He Had Me At Hello "How did I get here? Why can’t I shake this man? He treats me like less than a person, but I keep going back to him.  Those are the words I repeated in my head over the course of our relationship.  What started as a childlike love...

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When Your Faith Fails

Does Faith Fail? Last week I went in for my annual mammogram and it was business as usual.  The imagist (I suppose that's their title) asked me was I interested in taking a heredity test that can tell you the odds of a person getting cancer and since my...

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Stolen Identity: Left For Dead

The Original Identity Thief Satan has a mission, an objective and might I add a daily goal. His goal is to steal your identity, kill your self-worth, and destroy your confidence in God by any means necessary. He understands a woman's purpose in the earth is so great...

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Relationship Status: Toxic

A Toxic Relationship I Just Can't Quit! "Patricia, I'm in a relationship I know is toxic but I just can't stop it? How can I stop giving into him when I know he really doesn't love me? My flesh is weak when it comes this man."  A while back I hosted The Soul of a...

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